TWICE JAPAN's 1st album "BDZ" release date set!

Their 1st album is set to be released on Wed. Sept. 12!The title: "BDZ" (bee-dee-zed)!It's been a year since their debut in Japan. With lots of support from their many fans, TWICE continues to run toward their dreams, learning lots of songs and dance routines.Thanks to the support of their fans, they have received many accolades and this project will mark a new start for the girls."BDZ" is short for "bulldozer," the idea being they will push forward like a bulldozer, not being afraid to tear down even the biggest wall in front of them! The title is a symbol of how they want to be that strong, and live that bravely.Besides songs that represent the essence of previous TWICE singles, there are tracks that show a new side, while the title track is the same as the album title "BDZ" and was created by the girls' producer, J. Y. Park.The word bulldozer is sometimes used as a metaphor for people who are "aggressive," so the image is a bit powerful and strong, but the bulldozer of TWICE never forgets the essence of TWICE, and uses this imagery to represent how they will go forward with a strength and purpose toward a new beginning for TWICE.Pre-orders for "BDZ" start today!3 singles including their debut song ("One More Time," "Candy Pop," and "Wake Me Up") and "BRAND NEW GIRL," which was a B-side track but whose melody and music video was popular amongst the fans. Also, a cover of The Jackson 5's "I WANT YOU BACK," which was used as the theme song for the film "Sensei Kunshu" (Aug. 1 release), the title track and lead single, "BDZ" from producer J. Y. Park and 5 new songs.WPZL-31490/1 DVD Content:TWICE SHOWCASE LIVE TOUR 2018 “Candy Pop” @NHK Hall*32-page Lyric booklet tbd / sleeve case*1 randomly selected trading card in an envelope (10 varieties)WPZL-31492/3  DVD Content:「BDZ」Music Video「BDZ」Music Video Making Movie「I WANT YOU BACK」Music Video「I WANT YOU BACK」Music Video Making MovieJacket Shoot, Making-of Video tbd*20-page Lyric booklet tbd / sleeve case*1 randomly selected trading card in an envelope (10 varieties)WPCL-12914 *20-page Lyric booklet tbd*1 randomly selected trading card in an envelope (10 varieties)WPCL-12915 *32-page Lyric booklet tbd*3x3 folded poster in an envelope*1 randomly selected trading card in an envelope with a printed message from the members (10 varieties)*Special entry serial code in an envelope *ONCE JAPAN Limited Edition is only available for purchase by official “ONCE JAPAN” fan club members, or members of the “ONCE JAPAN MOBILE.”    “BDZ” [First Press Limited A Edition] (WPZL-31490/1)“BDZ” [First Press Limited B Edition] (WPZL-31492/3)“BDZ” [Regular Edition] (WPCL- 12914)The CD3 format includes a special storage BOX and is a WARNER MUSIC DIRECT Limited Set.In addition, if you purchase each “BDZ” product format separately through WARNER MUSIC DIRECT, you will also receive a special B3 poster.*Please note that if you purchase the above CD3 format Limited Set, the special B3 poster will not be included.*There is a limited quantity of each product, so pre-order early.-Supporting Stores (other stores other than the chain stores above)*Please note that the designs may be subject to change.*Some CD shops (and online shopping sites) may not have these special gifts.*Please note that there is a limited supply of these special gifts.*For questions regarding this special, please contact your local CD shop (or online shopping site) directly.Sat. Oct. 20, 2018Makuhari Messe